Expertise, Strategy and Portfolio Management Skills

Atlanta based Domain Timber Advisors, LLC manages timberland, timberland-related and environmental investments for public and private pension plans, corporations, foundations, endowments and high-net-worth individuals. We currently manage over 369,000 timberland acres with a market value of approximately $584 million in the major timber producing regions of the U.S. Our environmental investments include mitigation banks, conservation banks and ecological infrastructure projects with a market value of approximately $139 million.

We believe our team of timberland professionals, including regionally located experienced foresters, employ a well-defined, time-tested investment strategy targeting opportunistic, domestic-only assets in sectors of the timberland markets that are considered the least efficient. These investments are structured with the intent to provide growth and income resulting from proprietary acquisition modeling, diversification, active management, and defined exit strategies. Domain Timber’s management structure combines forestry management practices with institutional quality asset management and reporting.

Domain Timber’s environmental investment strategy is focused on real property or other natural resources that have potential unrealized environmental and/or ecological value due to hydrology, function, biodiversity, habitats, topography, location, historical use, restoration potential, or other similar characteristics. Our team seeks to generate risk-adjusted returns by capitalizing on opportunities within this sector.

Domain Timber maintains a broad array of relationships with major industry and private landowners, local consulting firms and professionals, and key federal and state agencies. These relationships are critical in maximizing value through the acquisition, management and disposition stages of the investment cycle. We believe Domain Timber has the expertise, strategy and portfolio management skills to achieve value and performance in timberland and environmental investments for our investors.